Barafoetida "With The Razor" Out Now 2024

Thursday 30 May 2024




Denny Z

Davide Fabbri

Luca Stoppy

Barafoetida is an italian Electro-Dark project band, made up of five friends:
The band was born in 2014 in a small town in the North of Italy

Current lineup:

Luke Warner - (Lead vocal, computer programming, theremin, sound devices)
Denny Z - (Keyboards, synthesizer, computer proramming)
Davide Fabbri - (Drums)
Luca Stoppy - (Guitar)
Triplax Vermifrux (Lyrics)


Brand new album "Frozen Tears" by Barafoetida
CD is available now with free shipping
Italy: 13 Euro
Europe: 15 Euro
Worldwide: 20 Euro
Contact us on our email:

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December 2022

Pentagram From HelL (The Barafoetida Instrumentals) 
A Compilation Of Some Very Best Instrumentals Of Barafoetida. 
Out Now in the best Digital Music Store


October 2022

Barafoetida are back!
"Raven's Day" is the new song by Barafoetida. This song is also part of the highly anticipated new album which will be released in spring 2023

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April 2022

New Cd Single  
"Dancing In The Graveyard /Psycho Killer (New Version 2022)" available Now!

March  2022

Barafoetida revisit in a new version the song "Psycho Killer" released for the first time in 2017. The new Version 2022 is very different from the original edition,  and it has been re-arranged, re-sung and re-mixed at Rastapax Records in Mestre, Italy
Psycho Killer (New Version 2022) is also be included on the Cd Single titled "Dancing In The Graveyard/"Psycho Killer" 2022

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Check out the Lyrics of the song

October 2021

Halloween night is coming and we are ready to play and make everyone dance ... Where? In the cemetery, of course!
''Dancing In The Graveyard'' is the new single for Halloween by Barafoetida.
Let's listen to it and let's go dancing among tombstones and graves under the light of the full moon ... HAPPY HALLOWEEN
The music video of the song is available on YouTube on October, 10, 2021

777 ObscurA SomniA 
Check out all the Lyrics of the album

March 2021

The new album "777 ObscurA SomniA" is finally out in all the best digital music stores.
Listen to the whole album .... HERE

The new Barafoetida's interview was published in the newspaper il Gazzettino

Gong Machine presents the new album "Prigioniero di un mondo diverso"
They are a Venetian trio called GONG MACHINE composed by Davide Rastapax with Triplax Vermifrux and Denny Z of Barafoetida

NEWS 2020

September 2020

Prelude To Desire “Lost Desire” EP
Ep: Ambient/Post-Rock
(Side project by Luke Warner)

Cd & Digital

Rad the press release of  “Lost Desire”

Listen to the EP

Cd Price: 4 euro + shipping

August 2020

Brand new TWO songs "Ride The Sky" & "Blind" by Barafoetida available in the best music stores

Ride The Sky

May 2020

Barafoetida's New Song 'God Of Nothing" is out today
Hyperlink to listen to it here

April 2020

It includes 3 new songs 2020, photos band and story of the new album 777 ObscurA SomiA - 2020

Download it HERE

For those who want to make a review of our new album on your website, blog, magazine, we will send you the entire album in digital format, please contact us on our email.

March 2020

New Song ""When My Soul Leaves The Body" by Barafoetida ft. Luca Nagliati
(Tune included on the album "777 ObscurA SomniA")
Listen to it... HERE

February, 29,  2020

New CD: "777 ObscurA SomniA" by Barafoetida
The album consists of 11 tracks,  and for the moment will be released only in CD format
If you are interested in purchasing the CD, you can write to us on our email:
Cd Price: 10 euro + shipping

More info Album... HERE

December 2019

Barafoetida are very proud to show their new song 'Alice' a cover from the 1982 third single of The Sisters of Mercy band.
The song is available in the new album ''777-Obscura Somnia''.
Now, enjoy this old black pearl of the dark rock kingdom.
Listen to thr song on Bandcamp and Youtube

September 2019

Barafoetida releases new song 'Monochrome'
MONOCHROME the color of madness
A man, the art of painting, a single color mania: the red blood of his victims.
Barafoetida with this new song invite you on a journey into the mind of a crazy painter, artist and murderer.
Production by GORE PRODUCTION of F. Spurio
Song available on Bandcamp

Brand New: "777 ObscurA SomniA Live"
This is the first Barafoetida's open air live on September 14, 2019 in the Triplax secret garden, between friendly people and deceiving shadows.
Enjoy the music before the silence.
Album available on Bandcamp

June 2019
Here Comes The Raven EP (Deluxe Edition with bonus)
CD Now available on Bandcamp

April, 23, 2019
Review: Here Comes The Raven EP (Deluxe Edition) by Rockit

Brand new Video April 2019
Do My Way is the new video produced by Goreprodution and filmed by the Roman director Fabrizio Spurio.

Brand new Video February 2019
"Love Never Dies" made by Enzo Z

Brand new short film "La Marionetta" filmed by Valentino Martelozzo in collaboration with the body painter Massimo Dengo, and the model Beatrice Ganeo. Music by Barafoetida on the new instrumental piece "Kapalika" 2019
Watch Video on YouTube
Buy Song "Kapalika"

NEWS 2018

BARAFOETIDA comes back with ''HERE COMES THE RAVEN'' a new EP with four songs and some bonus tracks.
 ''HERE COMES THE RAVEN'' is releases by the record label Torredei Records, which has published, among other things, some ALBIREON record productions. Ep available on October, 2, 2018
More info ...HERE

Brand New Sigle & Video "HERE Comes The Raven"
Available on Bandcamp on September, 4, 2018

Download Free EPK of Barafoetida.....HERE

Barafoetida - Buio Scarlatto
BUIO SCARLATTO is a multimedia project created by BARAFOETIDA, the union of music and moving images, that is the soundtrack of a homonymous horror film.
Album available on CD in red and blue edition.

NEWS 2017

Barafoetida - Due lune senza sole
Barafoetida present their new single “Due lune senza sole” sung in Italian, followed by the English version of the same song as "Two Full Moons & No Sun" (New Version 2017)
Listen & Buy Song Here
iTunes - GooglePlay - Amazon - Bandcamp

Denny Z - Nimbus
NIMBUS is the second part of the DENNY Z solo album trilogy.
In this work there are also three guest artists: MARCO WESTSTAR, RODOLFO V. PUCCIO and TRIPLAX VERMIFRUX.
Get ready for a new trip to the sound world of DENNY Z.
More info...HERE

Listen & Buy Album Here
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Barafoetida "A Coffinful of Secrets"
Barafoetida release new album "A Coffinful of Secrets" out April 2017
The band present their new album
More info....HERE

Listen & Buy Album Here
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Barafoetida "Psycho Killer"
Barafoetida release new single “Psycho Killer” out March 2017
The song is taken from the upcoming album “A Coffinful of Secrets”

Official Video

Download / Streaming

NEWS 2016

Barafoetida "Necronomicon"
In Waiting for the first album of the new reformed Barafoetida, where for the occasion will be in an enlarged version with vocalist, bass and guitar, Barafoetida release the album ''Necronomicon''.
More info...HERE

Technobara "Oetzi Song"
The mummy of the Iceman, also known as the Man of Similaun (and informally,I ceman Oetzi) is an anthropological artifact found 19 September 1991 in the Ötztal Alps, at the foot of the mountain of the same name (the Similaun glacier) at the border between Italy and Austria......
More info...HERE

DENNY Z releases new album "IRIDIUM"
IRIDIUM is the fourth solo album released by Denny Z of Barafoetida through Djamar Records In this album, the artist continues his research into the world of dark ambient and apocalyptic droning sounds that leading us in a whirlwind of anguish and melancholy.
More info...HERE

Barafoetida's side project with Denny Zeta and Joe, both from Djamar Records.
Check out the new EP "Metropolination" & Single "Techouse PATATE!!!" 2016
More info...HERE

Barafoetida in 2016