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Friday 25 August 2017

Nimbus by Denny Z

NIMBUS is the second part of the DENNY Z solo album trilogy.
In this work there are also three guest artists: MARCO WESTSTAR, RODOLFO V. PUCCIO and TRIPLAX VERMIFRUX.
Get ready for a new trip to the sound world of DENNY Z.

NIMBUS è la seconda parte della trilogia di DENNY Z.
Questo nuovo lavoro include la partecipazione di MARCO WESTSTAR, RODOLFO V. PUCCIO e TRIPLAX VERMIFRUX.
Preparatevi per un nuovo viaggio nel mondo sonoro di DENNY Z

DENNY Z "Nimbus" - NEW ALBUM 2017
01) The Mirror (feat. Marco Weststar)
02) Knocking
03) Inside the Brain
04) Oscillate between the angels.
05) The dark globe (feat. Triplax Vermifrux)
06) District
07) Cobwebs & Dust (feat. Rodolfo V. Puccio).
08) Nimbus
09) The fluorescence of the sea in love
10) Crop up
11) The dead (feat. Triplax Vermifrux)
12) The sensitive natural air circulation.
Ghost Song:
13) 666 (feat. Mr. Jack)
Label: Djamar Records (Cd: 2017)(Digital Release: 2017)

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Denny Z feat. Rodolfo V Puccio - Cobwebs & Dust

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